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Although Monitorboy checks your site from the outside, it is driven by a WordPress plugin. It automates Monitorboy setup. Gives you the latest status. Shows your analytics...

More than a home page

Because of the modular nature of Wordpress, your home page can work while your posts are broken. Your posts might be performant while your pages are slow. Monitorboy knows this and monitors each category, not only your home page.

Updates under control

Plugin and theme updates can break of alter your WordPress site. Monitorboy performs a full check just after your WordPress site is updated, so you know immediately if it went smoothly... or not.

Reasons not to monitor your site

"My web hosting never fails"

It does. Probably not much. Hopefully almost never. But it does.

"My web hosting takes care of it"

It depends. Some issues are its responsibility (e.g. hardware failure), some might not (e.g. performance). Plus, this says nothing about how fast it reacts.'

"My website is performant"

It is today. Will it still be fast tomorrow? After a plugin automatic update? After your shared server hosts one more site?

"My SSL certificate is renewed automatically"

For now. But the renewal can break unexpectedly, for example after a change in DNS or server settings. Are you sure you are notified when this happens?

"My website is secured"

Websites are hacked all the time. From small, personal websites to major ones. None is immune to defacement.

"If something happens, I will find out quickly"

How quickly? When something does not work as expected, most visitors just leave and choose an alternative.

With Monitorboy, you're the hero

Don't wait for your visitors, users, customers or boss to let you know that your website is down. Monitorboy puts you in control. You're the first to know and take action.

A failure can have a huge impact on your business. Lost sales, affected reputation... With Monitorboy, you keep this impact to a minimum.

Speed is also a critical signal. It can sometimes take hours or days before you realize your websie is a little bit slower than what it used to be. No more with Monitorboy.

Expired SSL certificate is another pitfall you can easily fall into. Monitorboy frienly reminds you about it so you renew it on time.

Who's the hero now?

Get ready

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